Welcome to EUROSOFIN – Social dialogue in the financial sector in Europe : Contribution to anticipation and restructuring


The final report was sent to the European Commission and published by LISER (click here for an article).

Final Report 



The banking sector in Europe employs more than 4 million persons in the EU27. It was dramatically hit by the recent crisis and impacted by new regulations (such as Basel III, the bank secret rules, etc.).


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It was a great opportunity to receive additional feedback and comments from the participating stakeholders, academics, NGO’s, and experts. 


A peer-reviewed article discussing employment relations in Luxembourg and based on EUROSOFIN results will soon be published by Patrick Thill and Vassil Kirov in the Warsaw Forum of Sociological Economics edited by the Warsaw School of Economics (Here). 



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CEPS/INSTEAD, FORBA, ASTREES, London Metropolitan University


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The final conference of the EUROSOFIN project was organized on the 11 of February 2015 at the International Trade Union Institute in Brussels. In addition to keynote speeches and presentations by representatives of the European Commission, EUROFOUND, ASTREES and LISER, two panel discussions, led by practitioners from the field of industrial relations, gathered more than 30 stakeholders and participants (representatives of trade union and employers’ organisations at the national and European levels). The result of these constructuive discussions were integrated into the final report of the project

Facts and figures Eurosofin 

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