ASTREES results from the merger in 2007 of two NGOs, the UET (Université Européenne du Travail) and Développement et Emploi. It is involved in a national and international network of trade unions, experts, academics and practitioners specialized in restructuring and social dialogue. ASTREES has been the pilot of different European projects on restructuring and the role of social dialogue in restructuring, but also in EU projects related to labour law and social protection in times of crisis(a s a pilot or as a partner). In addition, our organization has been partner in European consortia working on these issues. It is also engaged in national projects based on case studies and evaluations of labour market policies aiming at mitigating the effects of restructuring at company and territory level. ASTREES’s main activities are focusing on empirical studies, training sessions (especially of EWCs and their intervention in case of restructuring), conferences and debates around the world of labour.

The management of different European projects about restructuring as well as reports and papers published on the topics emphasize the capacity of ASTREES to deal with important transnational projects. Restructuring has been at the centre of the reflection carried out in ASTREES for many years. This issue has been studied in the framework of different projects for which ASTREES acted as the pilot or as a partner of a consortium. ASTREES set up since several years a transnational network of independent experts related to restructuring, health and social policies; this network brings together experts from 17 EU countries.

Project coordinators : Christophe Teissier and Dr. Virginie Bussart.




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