The CEPS/INSTEAD (see: is a multi-disciplinary public research institute originating from a private, non-profit organization that was founded in 1978 within the framework of the first EC programme to combat poverty. CEPS/INSTEAD, located on the industrial site of Belval in Esch- Alzette, is composed of 118 employees, among which are 85 researchers (the rest are administrative staff supporting the research corpus of the institution) from a variety of backgrounds, including social policy analysts, economists, sociologists, political scientists, statisticians, psychologists, and geographers.

Missions of CEPS/INSTEAD include conducting and organizing cross-sectional and longitudinal studies of populations, poverty and socio-economic policy, developing instruments of analysis, modeling and simulation for socio-economic policy, and organizing training at postgraduate level. CEPS/INSTEAD has already been involved in national and international research projects, including PROGRESS projects and projects from the EU Framework programme. Moreover, CEPS/INSTEAD has a strong expertise in providing consultancy and expertise to various international institutions such as the European Commission (i.e. the European Employment Observatory EEO).

CEPS/INSTEAD has six main missions which are stipulated by law:

(i) conduct and organize cross-sectional and longitudinal studies of populations, poverty and socioeconomic


(ii) create, manage and utilize data-bases with national and international comparative scientific data;

(iii) develop instruments of analysis, modelling and simulation for socio-economic policy;

(iv) develop and improve data-processing tools;

(v) create and maintain inter-regional and international research and information networks with regard to technology, environment, alternative development and development; and

(vi) organize, at the post-graduate level, training relevant to the proposed research.

The above-mentioned missions provide a strong background for participating in and coordinating national

and international research projects.

The CEPS/INSTEAD research unit “Collective bargaining and employment policies”, under the umbrella of which the coordination of the project is placed, provides a multi-disciplinary team of political analysts, sociologists, and a lawyer with a cross-national experience in industrial relations and labour market studies. Missions of the unit also include the focus on studies and research projects (i.e. the project “collective bargaining at sector and company level”) related to the employment market, social dialogue strategies, and European governance. At the administrative level, CEPS/INSTEAD disposes of a team of financial, IT, and secretarial experts to efficiently contribute to the coordination of the project.

Project coordinators : Patrick Thill and Dr. Vassil Kirov.



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