FORBA ( is an independent research institute, established in 1991 as a non-profit organization specializing in social science research in the area of working life. Currently, 16 researchers and 5 administrative and support staff are working for the institute on a permanent full-time or part-time basis. Both in terms of education and work experience the academic staff cover sociology, political science, business administration, computer science and statistics. In part, researchers also teach as lecturers at different universities and colleges in Vienna, Linz and Duisburg, Germany. Changes in working life are at the core of FORBA’s research, and the institute covers both applied and basic research in an international context and in an ongoing exchange with social stakeholders which also includes consultancy services on job design and IT use in companies. The institute’s research covers the following areas:

- “Sustainable Worlds of Work and Life”

- “Work, Gender, Politics”

- “Work, Organisation, Transnationalisation”

- “Technology Design and Data Protection”


FORBA is an acknowledged scientific institution. Its budget stems mainly from research funding that is raised in competitive procedures at Austrian and European levels. Contractors and clients include, among others, the European Commission, the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions, the Austrian Scientific Research Fund, the Austrian Federal Ministries for Science and Research and for Labour, Social Affairs and Consumer Protection, the Austrian Chamber of Labour. ASTREES is a non-profit NGO - affiliating companies, social partners, HR consultancies, lawyers, academics and individual experts - working mainly on social dialogue, labour markets and restructuring in Europe.

Project coordinator : Dr. Christoph Hermann.




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