EUROSOFIN is based on a methodological approach combining:

- Research activities on restructuring in the banking sector - with the objective to better understand processes and challenges at EU level and in the examined countries. Each country research assessment will centre on desk research, archive material, face-to-face interviews with 10-12 stakeholders (social partners from all levels, bank managers, representatives of EWC, etc.). At this early level of the project, the network of social partners involved in the project are mobilised by the experts. Case studies of banking institutions are presented internally between the partners of the Consortium, providing ground for common reading and ameliorations of existing practises through an interactive, transnational, and comparative lens. Social partners from the banking sector are associated to the discussions of case studies and relevant issues, facilitated by researchers. The research questions will be adapted on the basis of consultation with social partners. The country research reports will present general trends, practices of anticipating and managing restructuring, and concrete good practices that could be interesting for other contexts;

- Discussion and debates about socially responsible restructuring - through the dialogue of researchers with social partners and the country events. Each country seminar will involve social partners and stakeholders in general and relevant to the sector under review. On the basis of the conclusions, the debate will be focused on the identification of policies, initiatives, etc. that could contribute to socially acceptable restructuring and for a better anticipation.

- Networking and a close partnership between researchers and social partners from the participating countries constitutes a pivotal element ECOSOFIN. The partnership enables information-sharing a gathering and both the analysis and exchange of best practices. The community of practice of researchers and stakeholders will be established and based on face-to-face meetings and a web tool. The web tool for information sharing - set-up by the coordinator of the project and presenting EUROSOFIN to a broader public, contributes to implement the action.


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